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Common faults of handbags zipper

1. If the force pulling the chain, the chain will generate biting failure. In this case, wax or lubricant spray, applied to the original surface and internal - secondary slide smoothly on it.

2. Sharp bite pull the fabric.

Zipper factory handbag zip close, sometimes biting slider segments or leave the cloth slider does not move, in this case, if forced to pull the pull, it will bite deeper, it will be back, on the one hand cloth RESOLUTION Open. We are fully engaged, do not pull the pull head vigorously, slowly pull the head back. Take zipper bag, careful not to fault.

3. Zipper teeth damage:

Installation handbags stuff too long, if you slam closed, the fastener force is too large, the teeth will break from the tape. This is a serious handbag zipper failure. At this time, it is easy to fit back through the zipper pull.

4. Suitable materials suitable temperature, skilled ironing method:

Iron temperature change material, handbags zipper proper temperature. Iron suitable material to an appropriate temperature, zip fastener manufacturers to maintain the strength and beauty. In screed handbag zipper, zipper closure above, must take a good, pull the head is fixed in place, do not let the slide fastener manufacturers or erect against the pull tab, but it does not occur after using the cloth cover unexpected thing.

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