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Daily Care and Maintenance of the zipper

One hundred years ago, zipper has been borned, zipper also widely used in clothing, luggage bags, shoes, tents, zippers can be said that our life is very common. The following details the routine maintenance zipper, maintenance knowledge.

First, the zipper cleaning method

When we wash clothes with zippers, be sure to zip, and the zipper slider fixed, if not pull the slider on the zipper teeth will scratch cloth, but also in the process of washing will cause cloth with telescopic. Especially those decontamination strong detergent and chlorine bleach will dissolve paraffin and oily surface membrane YKK zipper, so we must pay attention to cleaning the zipper. After the clothes to dry, if the zipper (especially metal zipper) becomes a bad pull, then it may be coated with paraffin in the slider and fastener elements (zipper teeth) surface, so pull down the slide head two or three times, this will be better to use.

Second, the zipper ironing tips

We all know that at the time of ironing clothes, need to change depending on the material of the clothes iron temperature, empathy zippers also need to iron optimal temperature, in a suitable timber under suitable temperature in order to maintain the zipper sturdy and beautiful, the other in ironing process, whether it is metal, nylon zippers or resin, will be zipped, and the slider pull tab secured to the flat proper position, placed beneath a layer of mattress after ironing.

Third, how do when stuck zipper clothes?

When the switch zippers, we often encounter this situation, because sometimes the slider to pinch the cloth leaving the zipper could not move. In this case, if blindly strong zipping only make Buka tighter, so we have to put the card in advance of the fabric zipper pull pull out as much as possible, then after the first pull back in situ, when the slider completely stuck, do not be too hard, as long as you can pull up slowly. In addition, when the sewing zippers also need to pay attention to the zipper sewn smooth as possible. There is wear, when to undress, the case of the zipper fully extended wear, off, the best idea is to re-buttoned or zippered trousers hook would be more successful if the slider stops midway in the sprocket it is likely to cause zipper solid barrier. As with zipper boots, gloves and a number of apparel and other products, but also pay more attention to reduce this kind of trouble.

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