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How to choose waterproof zipper

Zipper manufacturers teach you how to choose waterproof zipper

Waterproof zipper mainly from the following aspects to choose:

1. waterproof zipper tear film. Whether it is in the case of low temperature or repeated washing, waterproof film is not easy to fall off or tear, so as to ensure lasting waterproof effect.

2. smooth degree, generally think zipper smooth degree better, waterproof zipper quality is better, in fact, is not the way, waterproof zipper smooth degree has certain index requirements, all meet the requirements are quality products.

3. Waterproof zipper film surface is smooth, delicate and smooth feel of a leather like, this is the appearance of high quality waterproof zipper.

4. Colored waterproof zipper color to small, zipper color and fabric of the discrepancy is color, color on the surfaces of the film surface color and cloth, color difference control in less than 5%.

5 inaddition to color, but also pay attention to the color fastness to water. Whether the zipper color fastness reaches the standard series and the zipper and clothing, whether or not the color shift will occur, will directly affect the quality of waterproof zipper products.

6. waterproof zipper need to be environmentally friendly, through the Oeko-Tex 100 standard.

Standard Oeko-tex 100 was developed by the German Hohenstein Research Association and the Austria Vienna Textile Research Association in 1992. Now there are 13 detection Association, it is the main task is to detect harmful substances in textiles, to determine their safety. Standard oeko-Tex 100 has now become a wide range of textile ecological standards. Most of the textiles and fabrics have no real harm to human beings. But people still want to buy the fabric, bedding and home textiles that are detected and determined to not stick to harmful substances in any way. This does not mean that the textile is not treated with chemicals. The European Textile Research Association has accumulated many years of working experience in order to obtain the standard of measuring the ecological quality of textiles with objective and scientific methods. Standard Oeko-Tex 100 standard is based on the latest scientific knowledge, on the yarn, fiber and various types of textiles, the limits of harmful substances. Only in strict testing and inspection procedures to provide certification of quality assurance of the manufacturer to allow the use of oeko-Tex tags on their products. International Textile Ecology Research and Testing Association guarantees Standard Oeko-Tex 100 to follow its promise: trust in textiles.

7. Waterproof effect, raphe size is directly related to the waterproof effect is good or bad, too obviously can not afford to waterproof effect, lost a waterproof zipper.

8 life, waterproof zipper on the film quality. The quality is directly related to the service life of waterproof zipper

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