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How to do when the clothes zipper rusty?

In the dressing process if they are rusty zipper, how can we do it?

First, the first is the zipper tips: not pull too fast, too hard, to be used by the pull strength, not to deadlift.

2. can not collapse too tightly, so as not to collapse open.

3.zipper cardigan clothes on first plugged in, and then slowly pull to avoid dislocation.

4. when the zipper astringent, wax can be used on top of the slide, then gently a couple of buttons.

5. washing must be fixed slider position, otherwise the safety lock slider on any twisting around two teeth, the teeth will fall off the zipper, zipper damage occurs and other conditions.

Second, when the clothes zipper card processing techniques:

You may come across zipping the zipper stuck in apparel fabrics, flattening out, the move may not be the case. Case, do not use brute force dead lift, otherwise the card tighter. Slowly pull the card should be in advance of the cloth is pulled out, and then pull the head back in situ, slowly pull can. Be patient handling ten million Oh!

When maintenance techniques usually use the zipper, pay attention to whether the zipper on the "belly", "off the teeth," "crooked" and other illnesses. Zipper such as hair removal and loose teeth can be used in fastener hammer gently knock a few heads, upper and lower teeth bite chain to cut back, it will not take off the tooth.

All kinds of bags, pocket or purse with a zipper, not overfilled. When pulling the zipper should be first on both sides of the teeth near the alignment, then pinch gently pull the slider along the track forward, do not force tug.

Third, to prevent rust zipper tips:

1. wipe with soap on the zipper, the zipper to prevent rust and flexibility of your own use!

Zipper jackets, clothes, down jacket, baby wear, easy and convenient, it is peace of mind. However, frequent use of zippers or a little longer, it is easy to rust, the mother may wish to use a lubricant or soap wipe the zipper, so that can not only prevent rust zipper, but also to maintain the flexibility and lubrication of the zipper during use, but also to increase the service life of the fastener.

If the clothes rusty zipper pull them caught in the clothes or how to do?

If you pull them down, then pull it with a screwdriver or knife to pry open the snap points, and then pulling it up, and then squeeze the pliers to pull buckle back. Users had several such experiences; if it is good clothes, rusty zipper pull buckle will not crack easily broken, pay attention to the intensity, and slowly try to pull clothes from the inside zipper withdraw it.

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