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How to do when the steel zipper easy to change color?

PVC is widely used in recent years, a new type of building material, the material is excellent performance, easy to process, and copper, zinc, aluminum and other nonferrous metals in the best substitutes. Thus, in recent years it has been widely applied to the fastener industry to go. Coupled with its low cost, it has become a zipper industry indispensable new material.

Steel zipper

Steel zipper texture relatively tough, corrosion-resistant, dental ribbon colors can be hit color, color colorful, lightweight, non-marking, smooth, environmentally friendly materials, low shrinkage, can not afford to wave flat products, with non-marking cloth is overalls, Down, cover the bag of choice for ordnance.

However, people in the use of the process, they found a plastic zipper with a long fade easily, in fact, this problem can be prevented.

Steel zipper used in metal or plastic products, wool products on time, it is prone to darkening, this is because it contains bleach on wool products processing, and can not deal with very clean, there is always the product residue, and its products the gas can cause discoloration steel zipper.

When bundled with a rubber band steel zipper also appear discoloration, this is because the rubber band itself contains sulfides. Sulfide itself is a chemical substance, it is easy and steel zipper containing a metal component redox reactions occur, resulting in the phenomenon of black zipper. So before using rubber bands bundle, first wrap with a copy, in order to prevent greater black appear.

Also cause friction fade generation, steel zipper reduce friction, it is also a good way to prevent discoloration of steel, which requires us to use the usual method to avoid improper operation. In the zipper pull up, do not dead lift, but has pulled back a bit from the back, then gently pull down, so you can well reduce the friction caused by the fade.

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