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How to install zippers and sewing

In life, we often encounter how seam zipper, zipper clothes sewing skills you have, how to install invisible zipper and so the type of problems, people have trouble, here are some relevant knowledge to solve your worries!

Also known as zip fastener, to facilitate people's lives in modern times, one of top ten inventions, and therefore understand its zipper-related knowledge is necessary.

Zip installation method

"Hidden" zipper installation method is to install the more commonly used, where the so-called "hidden" does not refer to the invisible zipper, but to be fabric zipper cover; this installation method commonly used in the closure or opening of the side clothes skirt.

The following is the installation procedure and its methods:

1, first need to install and ready to zip the zipper cloth):

2, where the zipper will need to install a 1.5 cm wide seams first basting again, and then ironing the seam allowances apart. If you do not need to crack the whole are installed on the zipper, then do not install this period seam zipper parts used needle from going fine point, and the start and end positions to be fixed using the bent pin.

3, the zipper face down and centered seam allowance, using a hand sewing needle and it will hold the basting parts:

4. Turn the fabric front, to sew on a sewing machine fitted with a zipper unilateral presser foot, down the right side of the presser foot needle, starting from the right side of the zipper opening, 0.7 cm seam allowance on the fabric in a press Ming line:

5. When you have finished sewing the side, ready to sew when the other side, look at the bottom zipper bag iron location, if you can avoid it, you can turn 90 degrees, so that the needle across the top of the zipper to the other side began suture. When cornering should let the needle in the lowest position and then raise the presser foot, and then turn down the presser foot to continue sewing. When sewn to the top of the zipper teeth, not to step on the electric motor, but turn the machine round, so the needle carefully across the zipper teeth, avoid break.

6. If the package iron just at the turning position, then you will only clamp down on the left needle, from the opening began to sew a bright line on the left. Note that in the pressure line start and end do not forget to pin down.

7. Finally, the fabric on the sutures removed sparse. For car law skilled people who can not be basting, but for the novice, making the process more steps are still necessary, although to a little trouble, but it ensures that satisfactory results!

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