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How to use and maintain the metal zipper?

It does not look like much worth zipper, a revolutionary because of its significance for the garment industry, which is recognized as one of the most important inventions of the past 100 years.

Who invented the zipper, has always been controversial. From 1851 onwards, there have been just filed a patent application for the invention of the zipper, the total number of reportedly more than a thousand. But until 1893, it appears the first fastener has a practical value - we use today zipper is then developed. It is the inventor of American Youde Sen. This was then used in a zipper on a pair of shoes, and access to the US government approved the patent. Shortly thereafter, this patent Youde Sen will recommend to the American entrepreneur named Walker. The next year, Walker in a small town near New York established the world's first mass production of mechanization professional zipper factory; their products on the market, it is very popular.

How to use and maintain the metal zipper?

1, when the metal zipper pull, it must be close to both sides of the tooth, must be aligned to the top, then head down the track holds metal zipper pull gently, not too much force to pull.

2, when moving the metal zipper should be careful not to hem skirts or other debris caught in the metal zipper in order to avoid "crooked teeth", "belly", "off the teeth" and so on.

3, if the metal zipper astringent, not easy to pull, do not dead lift, put some wax or soap on top of a metal zipper, you can pull.

4, if the metal zipper teeth unilateral differences rope, wear loose hair, available in popular tiger clamp closed end of the metal zipper lateral gently clip, metal zipper immediately changed for the better, unilateral teeth together tight, no broken loose.

5, to prevent metal zipper moisture, oxidation, rust and discoloration. Avoid contact with moist environment: because the metal zipper metal oxide due to the dip caused by tooth portion has a black phenomenon.

6, avoid contact with rubber band: Because rubber band itself contains sulfides, when bundled with rubber band metal zipper, metal chain teeth will have vulcanized phenomenon (black).

7, should be cleaned and dried after washing with water: because the fabric dye or residual chemicals and metal parts redox reaction, metal parts may cause discoloration.

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