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Select the zipper must look at three kinds of "color fastness"

Select the zipper sliderr manufacturers we have to pay attention to not only the color but also need to consider three color fastness. Clothing matching zipper, zippered cloth not only focus on the differences of color and fabric, which is usually the zipper manufacturers say, but also pay attention to fabric zipper color fastness. For producers, color fastness between standard series and zip fastener and accessories to the color of each class will directly affect the quality of the final product.

As a producer, supplier selection in zipper, zipper should be in color fastness are three: light fastness, soaping fastness and color dye transfer in order to avoid that these problems occur zipper manufacturers to improve the quality of clothing .

Light fastness

In general, the occurrence of sweat along with the sun. So here's to say not a single light fastness, light fastness and which includes dual perspiration. Varying degrees of sun zipper factory itself will lead to a series of photochemical reactions dye structure of destruction, causing discoloration and fading. At the same time, the presence of a weak acid having a pH of sweat will or weakly alkaline zipper manufacturer, which will greatly reduce the amount of light fastness of disperse dyes. Thus, the composite effect and simple light fastness, perspiration fastness is very different. But some preventive measures can be improved composite material lightfastness, so long zipper to keep bright colors. Therefore, the choice of some zipper products, zipper manufacturer should choose those that have enhanced UV or directly with zipper high light fastness.



Fastener tape of soaping is also an important indicator. In general zipper fabric is 100% polyester fiber with disperse weaving, dyeing. Disperse dyes soaping means that under certain wash conditions, the degree of staining dye fading caused by a single fiber or a fiber cloth. From Li zipper factory In theory, disperse dyes dispersed in the polyester, and disperse the concentration gradually decreases from the surface layer of the fiber aggregation, more dye molecules of the surface. Therefore, manufacturers of high-quality zipper soaping depends on two aspects: First, the interaction between the dye and the fiber molecule force size, high dye molecules in the fiber surface is difficult to wash soap, a small force is reversed; the second is in the dyeing process, the dye molecules residue fiber surface, if a more thorough treatment of the dye, surface residues will be very small, it is difficult to make soaping cloth zipper fade. However, due to a number of criteria such as laundry soap, soaping temperature of 40 ℃, 60 ℃ high 95 ℃; many detergents are generally divided into phosphorus and phosphorus washing time is short. Therefore, washing in different standard fastener manufacturers, zipper tape color fastness are not comparable. Soaping and high intensity, will lead to a decline in the fabric color fastness. Thus, in addition to the normal laundry process zipper manufacturers tell consumers that the fastener tape can not be used for hot water and too strong detergents, the general temperature should not exceed 40 ℃, the best neutral and alkaline detergent, time no more than 30 minutes, the zipper product selection and most importantly, try to select some soaping fastness products.

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