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The basic components of the zipper

Zipper fastener elements, the first pull, stop code (the code before and after the code) or the locking member and other components. Wherein the element is a critical part, which directly determines the side of the zipper pull strength. Usually there are two chain belt fastener, each fastener tape each have a chain tooth, two teeth mutually staggered chain. The slider holding both sides of the element, with the pull tab slide, you can make each other on both sides of the fastener elements engaged or disengaged.

Zipper factory story - details of zipper components:

1. tape made of cotton yarn, chemical fiber or mixed fiber woven into a flexible belt for carrying chain zipper teeth and other components;

2. ribbed cloth belt edge reinforcing portion for carrying a metal or plastic fastener elements;

3. tendons rope rope middle finger ribbed by a multi-strand fiber composition;

4. refers to the element of metal, plastic and other materials were processed through a shaped teeth;

5. SMIC line processing by the multi-strand fiber cable made of nylon fastener chain for the production of rope;

6. The continuous fastener chain refers to the tooth arrangement;

7. The fastener stringer chain teeth fixed in a cloth belt, said fastener stringer;

8. The two sides by a chain belt fastener stringer chain belt from engagement;

9. The last stop is fixed to the fastener chain belt fastener chain pull timely limiting slider stopper slide fastener chain belt;

10. The next stop is fixed to the fastener chain belt, limiting slider slide fastener chain when pulled tooth chain belt, chain belt and so on both sides of the tooth can not be completely separated from the stopper;

11. The front and rear portions of the element does not take the lead tape fastener called on to take the lead, the only side to take the lead for the front, rear lower end stop to take the lead;

12. The cannula (also known as plug) fixed in the open end zipper ends, for the tubular member completely separate chain belt;

13. socket fixed in the open end of the end of the zipper, for completely separate block member chain belt;

14. A profile member one kind of double open end with the cannula, the tube-shaped profile member for double open end zipper on;

15. Strengthening tape for enhanced intubation, sockets and tape bonding strength, improve the life of the fastener composite sheet;

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