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The classification of the zipper

One, classified by material: nylon zipper, resin zipper, metal zipper.

1. Nylon Zipper: invisible zipper, double-bone zipper, zipper knit, anti-wear zipper, waterproof zipper.

2. Resin Zipper: gold (silver) zipper, transparent zipper, zipper translucent, livestock glows zipper, bud shoot zipper, diamond zipper.

3. Metal Zipper: aluminum zipper, zipper teeth copper (brass, nickel silver, bronze, copper, etc.), smart black zipper.

Second, by species classification

1. Closed-end zipper

2. The open end zipper (about interpolation)

3. Double closed end zipper (X or O)

4. double open end zipper (about interpolation)

5. Unilateral open tail (about interpolation limit nylon resin, common cap for the United paragraph)

Third, the classification according to specifications and operation process

# 0, # 2, # 3, # 4, # 5, # 7, # 8, # 9. . . . . . ........ 20 # 30 #, proportional to the size and type of the zipper teeth.

Fourth, according to the structure can be divided into:

①closed zipper. After the code is fixed and can only be opened from the front end code. In the zipper fully open state, two chain belt after being connected to the code can not be separated. Apply to ordinary bags.

②opening zipper. In the lower end of the fastener chain code and set free after locking member. Locking member locks timely equivalent closed zipper, the slider pull apart by the locking member and the locking member, a chain belt to be separated. Applied to clothing or often need to pull items. ③double open zipper. There are two sliders, can be opened or closed from either end. Dragged by the two slider locking member and to separate them, it can be fully opened. For large bags, bedding, tents and so on.

Fifth, according to functional classification:

1. Self-locking zipper

2. No lock fastener

3. Semi-automatic lock fastener

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