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The culture of Guangzhou wooshi zipper Co., Ltd

The enterprise culture is the enterprise development DNA is base of enterprise rules and regulations, it determines a company's personality and fate. A successful enterprise culture can not only be the tools of reform, but also lead the upgrading and transformation of the management process, technical requirement etc.. As a company has been in operation more than 30 years specializing in the production of zipper enterprises --- Guangzhou Wooshi zipper Co. Ltd., has its own unique perfect corporate culture:


Enterprise mission:


To build a green brand,to provide quality services, to promote technological innovation, to create a happy life


To build a green brand: The staff are working in the modern garden work environment, building energy-saving and environment-friendly enterprises, and strive to create a green ecological environment, making environmental protection products, is the ideal of Wooshi, is also the responsibility of wooshi enterpirse.


to provide quality services: the benign internal circulation service, to provide customers with more quality services, customer satisfaction is the Wooshi obligations.


To promote technological innovation, improve their skills and contribute to Wooshi people responsibility for the development of industry technology.


To create a happy life: for the cultivation of professional talents, the staff set up a happy family, to build a harmonious society of mankind, Wooshi people will spare no effort.


The vision of enterprise:


Build the world brand cast a century enterprise


“The Wooshi zipper” is a pillar of the Wooshi company brand, and the source of Wooshi company development, company Wooshih indispensable precious wealth., so employee will be put into life of enterprise, "Wooshi zipper" the immortal brand to the world!


Business philosophy:


Integrity, enterprising, innovation, win


We are operating in good faith attitude, pioneering spirit, innovative products and management consciousness, seek successful results with customers, suppliers, partners, enterprises, employees and society as the center of the industry.


Enterprise values:


Common development and common progress


We will process business development in the future, with the support of our growth and development of customers, suppliers, partners, employees, and industry organizations, social organizations and other common development and common progress of value, to seek the development of enterprises, promote the progress of industry, to create the magnificent goal of social harmony and struggle!

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