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The main structure and performance characteristics of nylon zipper

Slider: 2.9-3.0 mouth width: 6.5-6.6 Width: 6.45 ± 0.05 single-width: 4.15 ± 0.05 Thickness: 2.70 ± 0.05


Common divisions: the election inch teeth should always be adjusted, depending on the code loads (due to variations in tone) to ensure proper insertion left high right low, left deputy, the pressure to root half a supersonic, tape position flush, to ensure that the final the pin block hole punch, foot about 9.5 mm long, to ensure that the pin block is installed to the root, bolts penetrating acupuncture board, box and tibial folder, and rushed through the needle plate.


Repair broken tools should pay attention to the lower die angle, namely the right plug left high right low left deputy, and strength test, qualified before production.


Factors prone to defects: Since open-foot cloth short or too long, respectively, resulting in insufficient strength, pin block pretend not to cause root, square head, do not match, strength of less than the standard value, resulting in excessive tibial side punching , crossed the deep fault caused Shen.


Injection point: sizing, supersonic supra, open the need to change the mold, (Note: for mold, noting the starting position, because the trip is not the same mold, or easy to damage the mold), specific adjustments can be a piece of paper into the mold, dribble hand wheel, just cut paper is appropriate, compact 9.5-foot-long bolt punch, see No. 3 nylon split compressor.

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