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The working principle of the garment zipper

Zips for clothes in our daily lives is very common, but few people really understand what the principle clothing zipper Yes.

Size garment zipper teeth, tooth shape is different, but the same size on both sides of the clothing teeth of the fastener must be the same. Change clothing zipper head shape, it can be used as a handle, it can be used for decoration. Clothing zipper can be used as insurance, clothing zipper when not slip. Clothing zipper works is simple, that is, two garment fastener with the slider, so that it can be freely drawn together or separately, or free and open.


Works clothing zipper teeth, each tooth is a small hook, a relatively small and below the phase matching hole on the other side and tape. Support the construction of the market can absorb the material suppliers, processing enterprises, lack of supporting includes two aspects, one is the lack of design and management talent, clothing research and development center is a good attempt, but also tantamount to drop in the bucket; help solve Chongqing clothing materials purchasing costly dilemma. Creating chemical fiber industry, from raw materials, spinning, weaving, including Zhong County, bamboo fiber, bamboo and linen textile Fengdu. Zip This dress is very strong, only sliding tooth pulled.


Match the second sprocket can be pulled together by the slider or pull effect. When the head moves forward, the shape of the restrictions, the sprocket tooth cavity Broken foot chain closed two corner push each other, and rules of engagement, to form a closed state clothing zipper. Clothing zipper pull head vertex, because only after closing greater than the narrowest width slider cavity and slider limiting effect, pull the head, can not afford to bring down the chain, when looking back, because the slider pull row split cylindrical housing body chain - tooth valley sides (angle) function of the angle of separation of one by one, two sprocket separation. The bottom of the food chain pulled the slider, TDC (also referred to as code) larger than the width and spacing of the mouth cavity width slider, slider does not fall off from the belt.

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