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We should pay attention to three aspects when purchase the zipper

1. color dye transfer, many garment enterprises are often used in materials with special properties, such as PVC, PE and various functional fabric coated fabric, fabric processing technology is complex, often some residual plasticizing agents, solvents and other chemical additives. It is because of these additives, when prolonged exposure to fiber cloth, these additives will penetrate into the interior of the fiber, the dye molecules are more easily transmitted and the inner surface of the fiber. If the fabric is a white or light-colored, easily contaminated fabric. This is because the zipper cloth color diffusion solution to the problem, the best way is to select a zipper, to see whether the use of dyes and polyester fiber is a better combination.


2. soaping soaping of the fastener tape is also a very important indicator. In general zipper fabric is 100% polyester fiber with disperse weaving, dyeing. Disperse dyes, soaping fastness, it is that under certain wash conditions, the degree of staining dye fading caused by a single fiber or a fiber cloth. Theoretically, since the dispersion of disperse dyes in polyester, and disperse the concentration gradually decreases from the surface layer of the fiber aggregation, more dye molecules of the surface. Therefore, high-quality soaping depends on two aspects: First, the interaction between the dye and the fiber molecule force size, high dye molecules in the fiber surface is difficult to wash soap, a small force is reversed; the second is in the dye the whole process, the dye molecules of residues of the fiber surface, if a more thorough treatment of the dye, the surface of the residue will be small, it is difficult to make the fastener cloth soaping fading.


3. In a typical light fastness, perspiration is accompanied by the sun occurs. So here's to say not a single light fastness, light fastness and which includes dual perspiration. The sun can cause varying degrees of optical and a series of chemical reactions, dye structure itself is destroyed, causing discoloration or fading. At the same time, there is a solution pH of sweat will have a weakly acidic or alkaline, which will greatly reduce the amount of light fastness of disperse dyes. Thus, the composite effect and simple light fastness, perspiration fastness is very different.

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