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What are the main types of metal plastic pull head?

Category Hardware plastic zipper many common main automatic locking pin lock slider, slider, slider lock-free, two-tailed discard the first four forms, here we introduce the classification.


(1) Automatic locking slide (auto-lock slider) referred lock, pull the head with self-locking pawl small flaps, under the action of spring force, can automatically embed the slider lock between the sprocket. Zipper, lift the tab turns the small plug from the chain. Zipper automatic:


A. single pull lock (s / L slider), the upper plate (slider pull the nose) equipped with an automatic lock slider pull tab;



B. Self-locking double (two-way / L slider), the upper plate (slider pull the nose) and the lower plate (nose) assembly automatically locks the slider pull tab;


C. Self-locking rotary head (/ L), automatic lock slider pull tab plate surrounded around his head.


(2) lock slider pin (pin locking slide) slider pull tab has a 1-2 block pin, push down the tab, insert the needle between the sprocket, the slider fixed.


(3) does not lock slider (non-lock slider) - slider did not lock. There are single, double point:


Slider lock assembly of a label-free single pull no lock slider A. (a kind of N / L) on the slider;


B. No double-lock slider (bi-N / L) heads each fitted with a pull-lock slider pull free;


C. no longer turn the lock head (reversible N / L) did not lock slider pull tab plate surrounded around his head;


D. Freedom locking lock slider (N / L keyhole slider) in the slider plates with one or two parallel holes, with "O" type zipper, zipper pull can lock the two heads.


(4) two-tailed dripper (to maintain a hole-by-situ) two-tailed zipper pull socket positioning.

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