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What should pay attention to when choose metal zipper

Cat metal zipper teeth made of copper, zipper manufacturers copper, aluminum, zinc alloy or other material with a nylon zipper, resin zipper compared to more rugged metal zipper, high cost, used to make jeans, jackets and backpacks. Buyers should pay attention to what the zipper metal zipper purchasing options?


Metal zipper is made of cloth, zipper manufacturers have teeth, slider, limit code. Note the following purchase Zipper:


What type of metal zipper products: clothing, shoes, bags, tents, or acid washed jeans zipper manufacturers large leather and other special requirements.


Tape: As raw material metal zipper wire polyester thread, zipper factory lines, lines. In a different composition, its composition, coloring is different, it is easy to generate a zipper color, fabric choice, the choice of uniform dyeing, no turbidity point, different fabric production mainly soft cloth.



Amy: Amy zipper manufacturers and metal zipper teeth plating color, so the time of purchase to pay attention to the surface color uniform, there is no color of flowers, zip is smooth. In zipping, we must observe the zipper teeth, asymmetrical zipper teeth mesh with each other will affect the use of.


Restrictions Code: zipper factory up and down the station must be closely connected with MI or dental pliers, must ensure strong perfect.


Pull head: the metal zipper pull styling products can be compactly and careful, it can be bold. But no matter how, slider, slider feel free to pull the zipper fastener manufacturers will not or can not turn off the phenomenon does not occur. Zipper head, sold on the market now with a self-locking device, so after zip, zip lock test fixture will slide down.

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