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Zip Component Description

Zipper assembly details:

1 cotton, chemical fiber cloth tape or blended fibers woven into a flexible belt for carrying the sprocket assembly and other fasteners;

2 edge beads and cloth used to reinforce the edges of some bearing metal or plastic fastener;

3 Sheng Sheng with the multi-strand fiber rope;

4 tablespoons sprocket means metal, plastic material is processed into a predetermined shape;

5 core wire by a plurality of optical fibers filling line treatment with a nylon rope fastener chain of production;

6 tooth chain refers to a continuous arrangement of the teeth;

7 tooth chain sprocket chain side zipper fixed tooth chain cloth;

8 chain fastener chain belt on both sides of the teeth;

9 fixed stop before checking in the chain teeth, tooth head slider drag chain limiter stops the chain;

10 check points at the end is a fixed gear chain, limiting tooth chain slider sliding tooth chain, and both sides of each tooth chain stop can not be completely separated;

11, the front and rear of the head with a zipper head without lead cloth sprocket portion, the front end of the lead, the guide cannula;

12 (also known as pin Distributor) fixed to the slider, the tubular member for the chain of complete separation;

13 fixed socket box fixed to the slider, to separate the block chain completely;

14 pairs of tail piece two two-tailed needle cannula, the tubular fastener retainer;

15 reinforcing tape, reinforcing tape to improve intubation, sockets, and tape bonding strength, improve the life of the fastener composite panels;

16 moving parts of the slider sliding gear sprocket and open;

17 drawing board is an integral part of the slider, it can be designed into a variety of shapes and slider body connection or by connecting middleware and the slider body, to achieve the zipper;

Lara 18 intermediate connection and the intermediate head member connecting member;

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