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Fire safety drill All the staff participation


Dawn was just breaking, fog had not yet cleared away, people seemed to be not awake yet. A harsh fire alarm rang out suddenly. Immediately, dense smoke from several workshop in not far apart. “Catch fire, go ” “Go, get away from workshop!” Then lots of people ran out of the smoking workshop, they bended over and covered their nose and mouth, ran quickly to the open area.


This is fire safety drill, Guangzhou Wooshi Zipper Co. Ltd held this fire drill for all the staff in Qingyuan production base. In order to make us learn the basic fire knowledge, raise the safety consciousness, strengthen their self-protection, master the ability to respond accordingly and escape, learn to use fire extinguishers and evacuate in an orderly manner. We specially invited the public fire educator to come to our factory and teach all the staff how to give a fire alarm call, fire prevention, self-rescue and escape methods in the fire scene, explained the basic knowledge of fire safety and so on. Also, the instructor demonstrated the operation procedures and methods of fire extinguishers and fire hydrants.


The fire drill was successfully completed, It strengthened employees' safety awareness, make the abstract security drill into a concrete practical drill, so that all employees have a basic understanding of disaster response measures, enhanced the safety awareness of the vast number of employees and self-protection skills, and it has actually strengthened the company's safety work, our company will continue to put security precautions in the first place. When something unexpected happens, try our best to minimize the loss and improve the safety awareness of employees.

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