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Wooshi zipper environmental protection


For the future of China zipper industry, the company is no longer the price lower, who has the most sales, but to see who the high quality, who's products, materials to the environment less harm, who is more environmentally friendly production process. Such enterprises can be based on the fierce competition in the market, in order to win more consumers for a long time, winning reputation.

Now in many places, are on some of the high polluting enterprises to relocate and shut down policy. But this is only an expedient, not long. "Zipper industry has its own special nature, zipper to dye, metal zipper to color, the state has a clear and strict requirements on environmental protection," for these high polluting enterprises, if the implementation of relocation, can only say that the temporary reduction of pollution in the central city, if the enterprise can not develop new technologies to prevent and control high pollution, and can only be the source of pollution from one area to another, so that pollution can not be reduced. So the government can only be forced to shut down these high polluting enterprises, but this has cut off the source of pollution, environmental problems have been improved, but this has hindered the development of economy, especially the impact of those who need to do as a production of spare parts of the enterprise.

The best way is to strengthen the enterprise itself to strengthen environmental awareness, increase efforts to overcome environmental protection technology, to minimize waste in the production of waste, reduce pollution, high pollution into low pollution, and even zero pollution. But today, in the zipper industry, in environmental issues have fixed inputs for a few enterprises, perhaps there are many enterprises have already been aware of this problem, but some enterprise leaders may feel this is a very large sum of money, can save a little bit on the province. Therefore, holding can insist on a day insist on a day of mentality, for the production of environmental protection treatment did not perform strict rules, once the government policy which is the root of the "spring" tighten, they cram, emergency deployment of a small part of the funds to buy much-needed environmental protection equipment, in order to solve the pressing. On the surface, the enterprise is to save a sum of money, but for a long time, such enterprises will be in the future of the industry will slowly be eliminated. So as the owner of the enterprise, to have a long-term vision, not because of some small profit and loss in the survival of the market.

WooShi zipper from at the beginning of the factory attaches great importance to environmental protection work, has established the dyeing wastewater treatment plant, dyeing wastewater treatment and reuse system, steam condensate return with energy-saving projects and environmental protection projects, and continue to introduce technology, improve the environmental protection project, mainly to the water, coal, pollution reduction effect.

Wooshi zipper, the new factory is located in Qingyuan Hung Hing Industrial Park, covers an area of about 155 acres as a environmental protection of the construction projects of the land area of about 20 acres, accounted for ratio is very high, in the Cuntucunjin moment, so the scale of land used for construction projects for environmental protection and environmental protection level reached the requirements of the national standard, enough to see the cause of environmental protection to the enterprise's intentions.

Wooshi zipper (metal zipper, nylon zipper, resin zipper) products not only in domestic occupy a certain market share, but also exported to South America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other countries and regions, more, in now tensions in the global economic situation, sales continued to grow, which and Wooshi people response to the call of the state environmental protection, and actively introduce new materials, new technology, the use of environmentally friendly materials, reduce zipper production cost and improve the market competitiveness is inseparable.

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