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Slider knowledge


There are many kinds of pull head, there are some common Auto lock slider,pin lock slider,Non lock slider,retainer mavable


(1) Auto slider (lock) for short, the head of the pull of the nose has a self - locking device, under the action of the spring force, can automatically between the chain teeth will pull the head lock. Zipper, pull tab retaining member drives the small lift out of the chain.


A. one way N/L sliker - on board pull head (pull nose) equipped with a pulling piece automatic lock pull head;


Uses: the most commonly used models, children, adult clothing, shoes, etc.


B. two way N/L slider, on board pull head (pull nose) and the lower plate (pull nose) are respectively assembled with a pulling piece automatic lock pull head; use: used in the special requirements of products, rarely used.


C. reversible A/L slider, pull the film can be drawn around the upper and lower plate around the automatic lock pull head. Usage: used in the clothing that can be worn on both sides.


D. shrapnel double lock (YG head)


Uses: pants chain, bag chain.


(2) pin lock slider, the pull of slider piece with 1 to 2 of the needle, pull the downward pressure, the needle is inserted between the chain teeth, pull head fixed. Uses: bedding, shoes, etc.


(3) no lock slider, no locking function. It also has a single double: use: luggage category,


(4) the invisible slider is used for the more tight fitting clothing, and more for women's clothing.

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