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Causes and Solutions of Dyeing and Finishing of Dyeing and Finishing (Two)

The same color matching products, is the main characteristics of chromatic aberration of the concept of dyeing zipper in the field, the color range is very wide, the chromatic aberration, chromatic aberration between intra color bottom color, left right and centre of color. The color is the zipper dyeing and finishing plant common problems, seriously affected the dyeing finished quality. Dyeing and finishing, dyeing and the obtained product color shades of color difference is mainly reflected in: 1, the same batch of color, the same batch of product, a color box and the box, and between the package and package, and matching between; 2, the same horse color matching products of left right and centre of chromatic aberration and chromatic aberration or positive and negative chromatic aberration.

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Cause (two):
Dye fabric fixation in different degrees in: Although the dyes in the fabric on the initial distribution is uniform, but in the fixation process, conditions such as improper control (temperature, time, dye concentration), make the fabric on certain parts of the dye has not been fully solid color, in the post processing soap wash was removed, resulting in color. For example, the scattered dye thermosol temperature before and after both sides or inconsistent, reduction or oxidation is not fully part of the dye reduction and reactive dyes steaming conditions poor will cause fabric properties before and after or about color.

Changes in the color of dyes, this difference was not due to the fabric on dye distribution uneven caused by, but for some reason cause fabric shade on the part of the dye changes, generally have the following reasons:

1, Before dyeing factors: semi-finished products brightness unevenness or pH difference in staining often caused by shade difference;

2, Dyeing factors: such as dispersing dye thermosol temperature is too high, the shade of some dyes become wilt dark, vat dyes over reduction, the color difference;

3, After dyeing factors: in the post finishing processes, such as resin finishing, high-temperature stentering and texture objects of different pH values and will cause color of dyes have different degrees of change;

4, Such as: washing soap is not sufficient, can make the hair color is not sufficient, no light.

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