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Changshu Zipper

In 2016, how is the situation of zipper? Wooshi zipper Co., Ltd. through the exchange, get the information fed back by the zipper around the association:

Changshu zipper: over the past year, Changshu zipper industry performance fell by about 20%, so far, although the performance of the rebound, but the sustainability remains to be seen, in general, the future is full of uncertainty, comprehensive recent market conditions, there are three aspects:

One: from customers for new product development pressure continue to increase the development of new products in the past concentrated pull tab, tooth chain, innovation has extended to the code equipment R & D, as well as the innovation process, R & D investment increased, the pressure increase, the market forced enterprises to speed up the pace of development and innovation;

Two, in the current market competition environment, in addition to a small number of outside the enterprise, most of Changshu zipper enterprises complete loss of bargaining power, profit margins have been squeezed, many small and medium enterprises difficult to continue;

Three, from the order structure, order scattered, tight delivery form a common phenomenon, but the quality requirements Continuously improve, and local enterprises zipper division is fine and distributed supply chain, most enterprises do not have a complete industrial chain, the enterprise can grasp the independent quality accounted for the ratio is not high, to a large extent restricted the breakthrough in the quality of the products.

Wooshi Nylon Zipper

In the face of such a situation, the association requires enterprises to take the initiative to change the zipper for survival, mainly including the following three aspects:

First, change from passive to active in innovation, from the source market is the most up-to-date, the most timely and comprehensive information, follow the change from passive to active guidance, to seize market opportunities, strengthen the integration of resources and information sharing;

Two, strengthen brand building, brand is not high degree of customer recognition, no brand, no stable market, more important is not the brand will have no bargaining power, all of the small and medium-sized enterprises to abandon self, take advantage of integration, complementary strength and the road, take the road of brand development;

Three, in to enhance the quality, technical force for enterprise core to Seiko spirit, focus on every detail of the zipper manufacturing.

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