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What causes the discoloration of metal zipper and how can we prevent?

There is no doubt that you have a zipper for clothes. Do you often complain that there is a phenomenon that metal zippers change color? but before this, you need to know some common sense.

wooshi metal zipper

The chemical action of discoloration

The discoloration of copper alloy zipper is a chemical reaction which is easy to act when metal teeth zipper contacts acid, alkali, oxidant or reductant. Once the chemical reaction of residue chemicals of cloth with the tooth of metal zipper, pull head or cotter part, the color of zipper may change. In addition, the chemical reaction is easy to occur under the condition of high temperature and high humidity (the products are pressed by steam, sealed in plastic bags and stored for a long time, etc.). In this case, the discoloration of metal zipper does not belong to the zipper quality problems.

The cause of discoloration

1.copper alloy zipper

When the zipper used in metal products or wool products, metal zipper will be partially blackened due to metal oxidation. This is because there are some residue of the production of leather agents and wool fabric when using bleaching agents during the manufacturing process, which is easy to react with copper to cause metal zipper discoloration.

2.metal zippers with rubber bands

The rubber band itself contains sulfide, so the metal chain teeth are vulcanized (blackened) when the metal zipper is fastened with the rubber band. Next, when it contact with acidic compounds or chromium compounds, the metal zipper has a discoloration phenomenon.

wooshi plated zipper heads

3.plated zipper heads

Although the electroplated zipper head has been pretreated with anti-rust treatment, but oxidation is a metal property. Thus, in order to reduce color change and surface wipe, you'd better wrap the zipper head in copy paper.

Prevention measures

Firstly, you must avoid metal zipper contacting with acid, alkaline, oxidizing agent or reducing agent. Secondly, you are supposed to avoid clothing ironing or long-term sealed packaging in plastic bags, because under the condition of high temperature and high humidity, residual chemical reagents on the clothing more easily cause a chemical reaction when contacting a metal zipper teeth, pull head, tail part. If necessary, moisture-proof paper and moisture-proof agent can be used to reduce the possibility of chemical reaction of metal zippers.

The correct washing method

You can close the zipper and fix the pull head before washing or putting it into the dryer. Otherwise, the top stop and bottom stop will damage the fabric, and the fabric belt will shrink. Don't use alkaline detergents or chlorinated bleach, which will dissolve the wax or oil coating on metal zippers.

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