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Focus On Special Market to Take the Road of Competitive Differentiation Competition

Some products, looks very small, inconspicuous, but the impact of life, like a zipper. In people's consciousness, the traditional zipper is fixed in the form of, single use, in the field of seemingly dull zipper, founder of Guangzhou City Wooshi zipper Co., Ltd. attention for more than 40 years, lead the team, come out from the traditional manufacturing, interpretation of the a revolutionary innovation in the zipper industry, thus changing the mass of dull zipper sensory impressions and application.

Focus on special market to take the road of competitive differentiation competition
Zipper as accessories, is to appear in supporting the attitude of all kinds of products, sales volume and profit of Wooshi is not to bear the brunt of the consideration, and pay more attention to is to take the road of development of the differences. Has been in zipper kingdoms in exploration, functional play the biggest effect. From many new zipper inventions to retro hand zipper production, not only to expand the function, also to fashion added a bit design theme.

Wooshi zipper

Invisible zipper is used in great quantities has 30 years of history, but is limited to invisible zipper sewing way different from the general zipper that invisible zipper has been unable to be manufactured using. Until more than a decade ago, with moving box invisible separating zipper available, all of a sudden opened the market invisible zipper, zipper Wooshi also see this a hidden huge market, on the basis of constantly according to market demand to develop innovative, harvest a lot of orders.

Whether is special, waterproof, windproof, zipper, or retro metal zipper teeth, or metal grinding electroplating zipper teeth. Wooshi zipper continuous in the zipper industry in "exploration", followed by market demand, continue to create the myth of the industry order.

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