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How can the Zipper Enterprise Strengthen the Consciousness of the Crisis?

A sudden earthquake brought serious disaster to the people of Sichuan, countless lives and property disappeared in an instant, and the tragic scenes are still in people's minds. Later, I thought: if we could predict the disaster, or if we did some prevention early, maybe our losses would not be so great, and so many innocent children and students would not have lost their precious lives.

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This year's economy seems to have been rough, and the impact of the subprime mortgage crisis in the United States is not only about their own economic development, but also has serious consequences for the world economy. In the case of China, export figures fall sharply each month from a year earlier, making people feel the chill of many industries and the outlook is not good. The continued collapse of the dollar has forced the euro to rise strongly, running out almost all of its export competitiveness, and the renminbi is rising faster and faster, adding to the pressure on domestic inflation.

In the past, many of our development relied on opportunities and complied with the trend. Think about our enterprises, our products, a little deeper, our business management, our brand, our marketing channels, how many advantages, how much risk and pressure can we resist? How far can our boat go in the rough sea when the wind blows up? There is a saying that the vicissitudes of the sea show heroes, the more difficult the more show our ability.

When the surrounding zipper enterprises began to decline in business signs, whether we have been alert, there are measures, do not let the earthquake in Sichuan in our enterprises, we can not be too optimistic! It is not a bad thing to have a sense of crisis and suffering, especially the person in charge of the enterprise. It allows us to keep our heads clear when we are smooth and to be more cautious in dealing with problems in difficult times. Perhaps the difficulties we realize have not happened, but we have prevented and improved ourselves, which is not a bad thing in itself. The sense of crisis and suffering is not only for the boss of the enterprise, but also for our employees. The quality of the product is What increases in crisis awareness, in essence, is to see your environment and position more thoroughly now and in the future, and you are preparing ahead of time. Only by planning ahead of time can we withstand the impact of wind and rain, and we can deal with the crisis calmly in the face of the crisis.

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