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How To Choose Metal Zipper Pulls

In the zipper slider manufacturer, the stability and improvement of the surface quality of metal sliders have always been a problem. The size of the general slider does not exceed the size of the fingernails. With a small metal product of this size, it is difficult to control the smoothness and flatness of the product surface with traditional production methods. It is easy to get burrs and the product has a high defective rate, which brings great trouble to the company. It’s not easy to do a good job of “face time”.Automation is the future development trend of the zipper industry. However, under the condition that the condition that the process standards are not yet mature, blind automation will result in many unnecessary losses.

Metal zipper pulls are factors that are attached to the sliders for transferring them up or down the zipper chains.

wooshizipper metal zipper pulls

Wooshizipper can manufacture a huge assortment of custom zipper pulls as per your requests, on hand in custom designs, colors, sizes, logos, lettering, materials, and methods.

Our zipper products include nylon zipper, zipper slider, plastic zipper,ykk aquaguard coil zipper, double sided zipper and so on.

There are three ideas about how yo customize your metal zipper pulls:

Type of metal zipper pulls
Zippers are reachable in a large array of varieties. It is distinctly vital to maintaining in thought the kinds of zippers to which these pulls will be affixed. Some pulls are appropriate for metallic zippers, whilst others are to be paid up solely with plastic coil zipper or nylon zippers. Invisible zippers that are much time viewed on the ladies’ dresses and skirts require small-sized tear-drop pulls, while different zippers may want to accommodate more kinds of pulls in comparison.

Application of metal zipper pulls
Different metal zipper pulls are supposed for the extraordinary applications. Metal zipper pulls which are a preferable preference amongst some items may additionally no longer be splendid for such purposes that require a lighter attachment. Cord zipper pulls that may be without difficulty town off or swallowed down by way of the little youngsters are no longer applicable for the children’s wear, although they are ideally regarded for such applications that require easy zipping up and down. Also, some backpack zippers may additionally require pulls with an extension for handy operation.

The function of the metal zipper pulls

In particular, metal zipper pulls have become a popular choice among the fashion designers and witnessed widespread incorporation into the fashion industry.

Zipper pulls play a widespread part in the zipper world as they are available in several fashionable designs, which can be designed to personalize various applications, ranging from garments, footwear, backpacks, purses to purses.

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