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How to Measure the Value of a Zipper?

How to measure the value of zippers? I think the simplest and most direct way should be the price. No one says the zipper I make is worth a lot of money, but it's cheap. How to measure the brand and influence of an largest zipper manufacturer? I think it should be his customer base, in the low-end market, selling low-price products, such corporate brands and influence will certainly not be much higher. What do you think of the competitiveness of a industry or a region's products or the position of the industry in the division of labor in the world market? Output and output are certainly not the most persuasive indicators, and representative enterprises are a good illustration.

measure the value of a zipper

Long-term low price operation is not an advantage, let alone a direction, for the development of the industry. I thought it was a disaster. In order to gain market share and compete with low prices, some enterprises do not even consider the interests of employees, do not consider the pay of the surrounding environment, do not consider the interests of employees, do not consider the quality of products, only care about the present, only consider the individual, do not consider the overall situation, do not consider.

In fact, in the world such products as zippers, labor intensive, complex process, low added value, in a sense:Except for we do, there are few strong competitors, we are actually competing with our own people, to sacrifice the interests of the whole industry to make it beneficial to others. Second, price raising is not a simple act, need to improve the value of the product itself. Because of the extensive management, simple operation, product quality is not stable, and its own bottom gas is insufficient, therefore, the price increase is for some people to do but not dare not do; The core of the price increase is to create and create new value that consumers can recognize.

We should look at the current operating environment. The adjustment of the macro world view of the country is not only the excessive expansion of the investment and the excessive expansion, but also the improvement of the value of our products, the competitiveness of the enterprise in the international market and the domestic market, only the added value is improved, and the enterprise can achieve a good and fast development. The industry can improve fast and fast. The current situation is not only the pressure of increasing the cost of the enterprise, but also brings to our enterprises the opportunity to improve the added value of the products and to promote the upgrading of the zipper industry in China.

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