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How to Test the Shift of The Zipper Socket and The Insertion Force

The socket of the zipper and the shift of the tube is strongly related to the quality of a zipper, how to test it?

Socket shift is a powerful test separating zipper socket and chain in combination with an indicator of the degree of firmness. Socket shift strength testing equipment and fixture, including testing speed and flatwise tensile strength same: take socket, with chain length of about 50mm, socket end is arranged on the fixture in the bayonet, another section of the chain belt is arranged in the lower fixture, clamping, the material testing machine reading zero. Start the test machine, until the socket loss or damage, numerical display at the moment, the instrument that is a socket shift strength.

The Zipper Socket and The Insertion Force

Shift combined with intubation and the other index is to test the open-end zipper chain firmness: intubation strength test equipment and fixtures, including test speed and testing flatwise tensile strength of the same, with intubation of the chain, from the tube end to intercept length about 50mm, the intubation to the upper part loss of 3 single chain teeth, placed in a fixture in the bayonet. The adjustment fixture bayonet size, until it can just clamp intubation, and do not fall off, this time bayonet should not be too tight and the bar is clamped. The other end of the chain is arranged in the lower fixture, locking. The material testing machine count zero. Start the machine until intubation detachment or damaged, then the instrument display values for intubation, strong.

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