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Improve The Quality of Zipper Production (Two)

Sometimes, We just stay in the work of staff skills, and lack of a system of education and training of employees. Wooshi zipper will pay attention to  ideological education, the rules and regulations of the company, operation safety standards and operation, quality standard and judgment. Let the employees understand what they can and can't do? What can not be enhanced, the sense of responsibility. The staff set pull head in production have found the zipper is defective, but because there is no clear situation like this cannot set head (and belongs to the piecerate wage calculation, as long as a head, not on the ball, all the money) when asked not to set the head. The defects of zipper knot, OK? "Answered that how can the zipper here? No, there can be useful to the end and other problem each other together can use the zipper, and this knot, automatic cutting machine side how What has it been?

Wooshi zipper

This shows a few problems:

1, Quality consciousness. If each process so that scrap unimpeded, depending on the final inspection to check the words, which should be the "quality is out on the test and does not depend on production". It is conceivable that injection of customers in the hands of the product is what kind of situation? Because for inspection personnel are not God, they also have the effect, the sustenance in a post, is not person can handle the job.

2, The sequelae of automated production lines: mechanical automation is upgrade the traditional manufacturing industry, in a great extent improve the productivity, but with the improvement of automatic level, reduction of operation personnel, resulting in management personnel, technical personnel and operators of automated production line production product quality believe too much and not seriously to do self-test or did not do this process of self work, resulting in the process of defective products easily into the next procedure.

These phenomena exist in the actual work for a long time, the reason is that in the usual management work has not given the staff to strengthen the correct education and guidance.

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