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Improve the Quality of Zipper Products (1)

The type of manufacturing enterprises is slowly toward the low profit era, especially in the low-end enterprises, living space is not good, to have a sustained healthy development, placed in front of the only Huashan Road: improve the quality of products, adjust product structure.

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Guangzhou Wooshi zipper Co., the person in charge of the new standard of training will be also mentioned, in the low-end products zipper enterprises are facing challenges in a hitherto unknown, struggling, there are serious problems many enterprises have already realized that, but subject to the internal allocation of personnel, equipment, technology and other aspects, dare not rashly or not to adjust business strategy, lead to a repeat day in and day out, year after year; only a little profit, blindly downsizing, mergers and operating positions, reduce labor costs, thus forming a vicious circle. Everyone knows that the quality is the core competitiveness of enterprises, but how to ensure the quality of products? This is what we do for production and quality management to be a topic on the bottom of the:

One, create an atmosphere of management, improve the quality of consciousness
At the enterprise level, it did not develop effective processes and standards, the unsystematic, coupled with the relevant management personnel and relevant technical staff positions are not very fit. From the point of view of the zipper industry professionals, quite a part of staff cultural level is not high, on the basis of the experience of doing things, no after relatively standardized operation training and guidance, did not get effective tracking supervision, resulting in operation of a lot of bad habits long-term didn't get effective corrective, leading to product quality can not be guaranteed.

To find out the practical measures must first improve the management system. If there is no system of norms, no evidence-based, no convincing. Failed to persuade the processing, employees will naturally not obey. System comes from the production practice of the induction summary, on the problems found, the matter is quickly think of a way to solve, can Zuodao beforehand prevention that is best, bad control problems, we should try to do effective prevention. The management system making process to everything from set out actually, and gradually improve and improve to guide production.

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