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Improve the Quality of Zipper Products (Three)

No rules, not a radius, particularly in the era of the rapid development of technology, it can be said that the standardization is the foundation of quality management is indispensable. As a manager, if able to our enterprises zipper production activities, through the development of standards to be standardized, these activities by who, the how to do, and to what extent in order to be considered eligible, appear what the problem how to deal with, prompted a process to meet the requirements of a process. This entire production system can effectively link up, the foundation quality accident will be greatly reduced. To implement the work must take the following measures:

1, the market oriented, to develop a product that can meet the requirements of the customer's products;

2, based on the industry standard as the basis, combined with the actual situation of the enterprise, to develop in line with enterprise standards for the quality of their products, enterprise for a variety of reasons, the matching of the production chain, some parts need to outsource, due to our lack of proper standard and other reasons, often lead to purchase products or accessories and our product does not match the problem;

Second, we must grasp the control of raw materials, raw materials has a direct impact on the product quality, raw materials warehousing inspection is imperative; do a good job in process quality control, the focus is do a good job in the process of quality control and requirements of each process understand process of the self and mutual inspection capacity; but also to grasp the end product testing inspection, the better the final hurdle, put an end to defective products into the hands of customers.

Therefore, the strict implementation of quality management system, is an effective means to solve and eliminate quality problems.

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