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Improve the Quality of Zipper Products (Four)

Not only regardless of how you develop well, but also must have to perform, to supervise, to implement the mutual cooperation and support, no team, the effect will be greatly reduced. The construction team must have the evaluation mechanism on the target, use the system to assess each staff performance, to guide each team member's behavior and ideas, so as to effectively achieve the goal. So it must be the zipper production team, because the team construction quality, indicates that the subsequent development of an enterprise have strength is also fully embodies the enterprise cohesion and combat effectiveness of the team construction.

First we should begin from me, between team members to each other cooperation. Managers always filled with staff, support staff, concerned about the lives of employees, with management actions and feelings to infect every side of the employees, usually communicate with employees to pay Flow, to employees to show fan guide, capture the flash point of staff. This Guangzhou Wooshi zipper Co., Ltd. has done a better, they will from time to time selection of various positions have outstanding performance of individual or collective and this recognition, in production process and put forward improved proposal employees also give certain incentives, the move greatly stimulated the enthusiasm and creativity of employees to work; give full play to the collective strength, achieves the twice the result with half the effort.

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Quality management is the cornerstone of manufacturing management, so that every employee to understand the importance of product quality management, and practice in the practical work.

Improve the Quality of Zipper Products (Three)

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