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"Metal zipper" Standard on What Kind of Requirements Zipper

This is the core content of the zipper product standard, is a measure of the quality of zipper. In the metal zipper "standards and requirements of the zipper are summarized into three aspects, one is based on the zipper, mainly refers to the composition of zipper size and allowable deviation; second, is to require physical properties, the zipper of each component, the associated with either a set of performance indicators; third, surface quality requirements, the zipper surface quality, including cloth color fastness, zipper after washing and drying appearance changes and safety requirements. Because the application range of the zipper is widely and in different products supporting requirements different. Therefore, it is not possible to have a unified environmental protection requirements, so in the new standard just on application to clothing zipper propose safety requirements, it is mandatory requirement.

In the "metal zipper" standard requirements, the size and the allowable deviation mainly refers to those parts of the zipper?

In the standard, the size of three parts, one is and the model about the size and the chain teeth mesh width size, which is a specific range; second refers to the length of the zipper belt, is mainly: the basic dimensions of the zipper length, width of cloth (per unit width), before taking the lead length, lead length, and give the corresponding size allowable deviation; three is code refers to the chain length, give the corresponding to the length of the allowable deviation.

The new standard with the old standard control, zipper cloth belt width and before taking the lead, the lead after size were modified reduced the original size.

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