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Do You Know Where the Metal Zippers are Made?

Hi, welcome to Guangzhou Wooshi Zipper Co., Ltd, which is located in Factory Add: No.6, Unit C, Xiongxing Industrial Mega-Center, Yinzhan Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone, Qingyuan City, Guangdong, China. We are the largest zipper manufacturer.

Have you ever been to metal teeth molding workshop and tape dyed workshop? After reading this blog, I think you will have the better understanding of them and how to make metal teeth zipper.

wooshizipper Metal teeth molding workshop1
wooshizipper Tape dyed workshop

Here is metal teeth molding workshop, this is our automation molding machine. We use this machine to make metal zippers for sale. The raw material is brass, brass implant on the tape with the molding machine. The shape design of teeth has standard teeth, Y teeth, corn teeth, hexagon teeth and groove teeth.

Y teeth are the most popular in the market at present, the surface is smoother and shinier than others. Our polishing machine over there, each metal zipper need to be polished by machine, to get a smooth and shining surface.

Here is a tape dyed workshop, this is our automation dye vat equipment such as for metal zipper tape. The function of tape dye to match all kinds of products. Except for white and black color, other colors of tape need to be dyed with white tape. The highest working temperature is 130℃ in the dye vat, work pressure 4.0 Mpa, working time 2.5 hours for each dye vat.Using this automation dye vat equipment, you can make excellent ykk zipper tape, metal zipper tape and so on. 

Good brand reputation,won the customers' support and trust, Wooshi Zipper has been being the only materials manufacturer designated by many garments, luggage and bags manufacturer, OEM & ODM are accepted. 

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