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The New Standard on the Surface Quality of the Zipper

The first part of the surface quality requirements can be divided into observational requirements and test requirements, the first four for the observability requirements, observability requirements mainly through the observation of the eye and hand touch:

First, this is the zipper parts and chain tooth integrity, the requirements of aesthetics, from the senses can be directly observed and judged;

Second , this is on the end of the zipper on the assembly of the various parts of the state, including the parts of the hand feeling and pull the effect of the proposed requirements, from the senses can be observed and judged;

Third, this is the open-end zipper (including double open end zipper) of each component assembly state, use requirements, firmness, various parts of the hand feeling require;

Fourth, the defects of appearance of the silder surface decoration layer, which may arise, pull the head cavity, silder use, pull the identity definition, pull head and chain teeth with the smooth degree, the stability of the proposed requirements.

The other three of the test requirements, mainly through the measurement and comparison evaluation:

Inconsistent, highly reduced compared with 1, the chain of flatness requirements, this is in recent years clothing consumers complain more, as the zipper uneven, or after washing shrink is serious, often making clothing placket not soothe. And the old standard, the new standard requirements more stringent, in three length inch segment, C-shaped bend the 1mm. From the production practice, the open-end zipper presents a inner arc is required in the production process, the chain to bend, which is to the chain belt of the edge to increase the amount of reserved, making chain in after washing, anti only because of cloth contraction caused by the wave curve.

Second, is the color of the zipper, including cloth belt, chain teeth and pull head as a whole. There are two concepts to distinguish between: the color requirements of a color is of the same batch of zipper requirements; two is of different batches (batch and batch contrast) zipper chain teeth material due to color requirements. The metal zipper is a metal, and cloth of different materials, so it is difficult to achieve the color consistency effect; at the same time, the metal material is relatively difficult, colors are relatively small, therefore, the metal zipper, with chain teeth and cloth compared to color has a certain degree of difficulty, usually not so the color; but the cloth and cloth, chain teeth and chain teeth of color is unchanged. The old criterion should reach 3 -4 level, all changes into 4 levels.

Third, code joint requirements more stringent, by original within 100 meters of the three joint has been reduced to two, the zip code loaded single segment length increased.


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