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Surface Quality Requirements for Zipper

The zipper quality, surface quality and physical properties as important physical properties, we can often strike through numerical implementation to measure, more intuitive, easy to judge; but there are many surface quality requirements is judged by sense, does not have a uniform standard value, relatively recessive. From the last in recent years the consumer situation, because the surface quality does not meet the requirements of complaints increased in some business statistics, even more than the unqualified complaints. The physical properties of the surface quality requirements contained in the content, both the requirements of view, but also the inherent requirements, such as color requirements, friction resistance, resistance to soap color fastness to washing, length contraction rate, environmental protection and safety requirements. After washing, the zipper is used in place of people directly, therefore, the zipper appearance, style and sensory quality requirements to evaluate the quality of the whole zipper and influence.

The new standard of zipper surface quality requirements are divided into three parts:

The first part of a total of seven, respectively the chain belt and accessories, close end zipper, separating zipper, pull head, zipper flatness, chromatic aberration and code loaded with joint number request. Is different with the old criteria, classification of the clauses more clear, comprehensive, more operational.

The second part is the fastness of the cloth, including rubbing and soaping fastness, according to use, the old standard wash fastness abandoned, increase the color fastness to soaping. The third part is after washing and drying appearance changes, which is newly added.

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