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“Sport perform the life Sport ignite the passion”---The 7th Sport Meeting of Guangzhou WOOSHI Zipper Co.,Ltd

The 7th Sport Meeting of Guangzhou WOOSHI Zipper Co.,Ltd is an annual great comprehensive sport event, held in Qingyuan Production Base on 17th June, 2017. The theme of this year is: “Sport perform the life  Sport ignite the passion”. The competition consists of more than 10 items, for example, basketball, Ping-pong, badminton, table tennis, relay race, long-distance running, fun sports, etc. All the participants are from each department in company.

This sport meeting not only are fully displayed the Olympic sport spirit of wooshi people tenacious struggle and keeping making progress, but also show the team power of wooshi people unity and cooperation. We can see, no matter the fighting for every minute in the basketball and ping-pong games, or the touching scene of insisting to the end in long-distance running race, all of these make every wooshi person see the cohesion and fighting capacity from our excellent team. Behind the sweat and tears, there is only happiness and contentment---the competitive items make a fully display for personal ability. And the great success of interesting items is to cultivate a good teamwork ability, also enhance the individual and team’s collective sense of honor.


Since May, this sport meeting lasted nearly more than one month, and there are total hundreds of company staffs participating in the sport meeting. This is a big showcase for spirit outlook of staffs in WOOSHI company. Hope in the coming days, wooshi people will continue to uphold the theme of this sport meeting, and enhance physical exercise to make our physical becoming more and more better, also make our life full of happiness and joy.

Let’s meet again in the 8th sport meeting of WOOSHI Zipper in 2018!


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