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The Development Trend of Automation and Intellectualization

The speed of transformation and upgrading of the zipper industry of zipper supplier has also increased with the market segmentation and customer demand.Compared with the current equipment,the previous production process is indeed a lot of progress.Both the number of personnel,production efficiency,and quality stability have all changed to a great extent.They have also completely changed the zipper production process in the traditional sense and opened the automation of the zipper industry.However, with the continuous advancement of technology and the continuous improvement of the knowledge level of employees, the intelligent level of the zipper industry will be realized smoothly in the future.”Machine Substitution”is a trend for zipper manufactures.With the existence of advanced machines,the production of the zipper industry will enter a new era.The emergence and popularity of automation equipment will promote the automation of the zipper industry.At present, there is an increasing shortage of skilled and semi-skilled skilled workers in China, and labor costs are increasing year by year. All these problems need to be solved with automated equipment. Not only can more labor be liberated, but also the production cost of zippers can be reduced.


However,the industry chain of the current zipper manufacturing industry does not agree with each other.The smart manufacturing market can only be targeted for development in the field of production and sales,so it can ’t meet various production requirements.How to make a good zipper requires is a complete set of production processes such as design,procurement,production and processing,and acceptance of finished products.In this regard,it is related to the level of various system equipment companies,and equipment R&D companies should closely cooperate with related departments in the field of science and technology.As China’s zipper supply market is in a period of rapid growth and development,the degree of industry concentration will continue to increase in the future.Competition in the low-end market continues to escalate. Those small-scale zipper manufacturers that do not possess core competitiveness will be eliminated from the market, and the growth in the high-end market will exceed the industry average.Therefore,some zipper manufacturers with stronger than other will be capital strength and technological capabilities to fully share the industry’s growth and achieve rapid development in the future.


Zipper over needle knowledge

Purpose: In order to check the sewing needle left in the garment during the sewing process.Mainly for children's clothing, as well as export orders for specific countries.
The reason why garments cannot pass the needle is as follows: 1. The needle is left in the garment; 2. The needle detector sensitivity is too high or exceeds the applicable standard; 3. During the process of fabric processing and sewing, a small amount of metal powder is adsorbed on the fabric.4, after the sewing needle strikes the zipper, there is a small amount of metal debris left in the impact, 5, the customer added chemical substances in the washing or other processing process, may contain a small amount of substances can not pass the needle in the clothing, 6,The ring-shaped pull tabs and some special pull-pieces, clothing hardware and zippers themselves cannot pass the inspection needle.


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