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The Sixth Sports Wooshi zipper Co. Ltd

In June 18, 2016, the sixth sports Wooshi zipper Co. Ltd. will be held in the Qingyuan area.

 the sixth sports Wooshi zipper Co. Ltd
Time from the opening to the end of the games, the whole process is really a kind of enjoyment: the whole scene is so exciting, in the process of the game we race out of style, out of the tournament level. Athletes regardless of age, regardless of level, indomitable spirit from beginning to end in harmony in the atmosphere, physical fitness, friendship first, competition second the spirit of the game reached a climax. The athletes to play on the field, to cheer for the athletes shouting people as one falls, another rises, full of excitement. games content rich and varied: basketball, tug of war, one minute skipping, shuttlecock, the 400 meter relay, 3000 m running; games is developed by the Department of the company. The match form leading to the referee's identity to participate. They moved together with the staff, with a style of game, game spirit.

June midsummer, stadium thirty degrees high temperatures, hotter than the weather is the passion of the athletes: over here is the tension, stimulation of the 400 meter relay wars, the athletes will "faster, higher, stronger" spirit of sport, incisively and vividly.

There are three women's basketball tournament games, who says women can not play basketball, excelling, braving the scorching sun, every goal makes the sidelines sounded warm applause and cheers, and when the ball did not enter will cause the sound of a lament.

The next male and female tug of war, men's basketball is the movement of the atmosphere to a climax, so that the whole plant is boiling.

And the games the finale of the drama --- 3000 meters long distance running is the game atmosphere pushed to the extreme: ring as a sound signal, participating players such as the arrow like ran out, 3000 meters long distance running is not only the athletes' physical strength and endurance of the competition is one test of an athlete running skills, athletes artificial sweat, efforts, struggle with. Next to the guy with the cries of the people cheering is another.

In this wonderful day, we sway their own sweat, flaunt their own youth, to share our joy. Movement will bring us not only happiness or moved, a kind of unity. Ranking in fact, it is not so important, in the games. We grow, unity is no longer abstract words, we put it on the specific. In fact, in the games, whether it is our sports spirit and our lovely athletes performances are worthy of our pride and pride.

A successful enterprise cannot do without this meaningful activity to active, comprehensive quality aspects of staff development, to stimulate staff's potential, maximize employee play to their talent and passion, have good creative thinking in order to better serve the development of the company to make a greater contribution by all. The form of enterprise internal continuous improvement, continuous innovation, with the staff of passion, improve the vitality of enterprises can make the enterprise of youth, in an invincible position in the increasingly fierce competition in the market! Through this activity makes the company's enterprise culture further into the hearts of the people, enhance the cohesion among employees at all levels, and provide a wider exchange space, enhance exchanges and cooperation between the various departments of the company staff, so that the majority of employees enjoy happiness in the game, get happy harvest.

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