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Wooshi Tells You Two Knowledge about Zipper

The zipper is composed of a slider

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The zipper is composed of a slider, pulling tooth and a cloth belt. Resin, metal and nylon are the three main materials. The zipper is divided into two types,one of iron-containing and another is iron-free. Iron-containing ones can’t be detected by a needle detector (testing for broken needles).

Therefore,copper is often used instead,but the relative price will be higher. Slider should be nice, strong, and the pull ring should be tight. It should not be easily broken or too loose. Too much cloth will cause other things to get stuck during use. The size of the slider should be easy to pull, unless special effects are required, the color of the slider should be uniform and the thickness should be uniform. Wooshi has many new zipper slider


Pull the teeth to wear well

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Pull the teeth to wear well,not too soft or too brittle or a force will be broken. The sprocket teeth should be evenly staggered, and each tooth has the same shape to ensure complete closure. A little bit of the tooth must affect the service life. For the stiffer zipper, we can try the zippered product, then one hand can smoothly pull the zipper to judge whether the product is smooth and the hardness is enough. Soft fabric with zipper is relatively soft, in order to ensure comfort, can not pull vigorously, such as invisible zipper. Try the invisible zipper to see if it can be pulled smoothly and easily, and it will be easy to clip the fabric. Use your fingernails to gently press the teeth at the end of the zipper to see if the thin teeth are deformed by one pressure and cannot be restored to their original appearance.

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