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Zipper Patents in China

zipper technology

In 2018, the largest number of zipper patents in China was equipment and methods, up to 427, mainly seeking to reduce costs, improve efficiency and improve the quality of zipper technology, accounting for 32.2% of the total application volume; followed by the slider and zipper patents, respectively 311 pieces and 271 pieces, the patent of the slider is mainly to achieve the technical effect of disassembly and assembly, reduce cost and improve stability. The zipper patent is mainly waterproof zipper strip, nylon zipper strip, concealed zipper strip, metal zipper strip, anti-skid zipper. Strips, anti-shedding zippers and explosion-proof zippers and anti-theft zippers, mainly through the development of the slider and zipper technology to optimize the performance of the zipper.

bag zipper

The zipper technology in clothes

In the field of garment technology, there is a zipper which is composed of two cloth belts and opposite sides of which are fixedly connected with pulling teeth. The two pulling teeth are engaged by the slider, and the sealing belt is fixedly connected to one side of the front side of the cloth belt.The invention solves the problem that the sealing zipper is prone to jam when in use. By improving the slider, the pull tab can drive the T-shaped block to move in the sliding slot, and the sliding piece can slide in the sliding slot, thereby ensuring that the sliding piece is in the During the upward movement or the downward movement, the fixing rod can synchronously press the elastic rod of the same horizontal plane, and the elastic rod can be opened to open the sealing belt, thereby solving the problem that the slider can eat the sealing belt, thereby being convenient to use. Moreover, the sealing tape and the slider are protected, which increases the overall service life of the zipper, reduces the frequency of zipper replacement, and ensures that the sealing tape can be used for aesthetic purposes.

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