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Causes and Prevention of Dyeing and Finishing of Dyeing and Finishing (Three)

In the field of zipper dyeing, the concept and range of the chromatic aberration of the tape is widely used and have to color, color difference between batches, batch chromatism, bottom surface color, left right and centre of the color. Color is zipper dyeing and finishing plant common problems, seriously affecting the dyeing finished products quality.

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Main characteristics of chromatic aberration of the dyeing and finishing, dyeing products prepared with different shades of color, the color difference, mainly reflected in: 1, the same batch of color, the same batch of products, a color carton and box, from piece to piece, and between packages, horse and horse color shading between; 2, the same horse color: with horse centre, left and right of a color or before and after the positive and negative have color or color.

1, to improve the uniformity of the roller. Using ordinary padder dyeing shall roll surface car ground into intermediate diameter slightly larger, smaller than the diameter of each of the two ends of the olive shaped roller, and a reasonable choice the hardness of the rubber roller.

2, the uniform padder. In the production of a single species, single color products, with olive shaped roller to solve the edge color or left in the right color is a feasible way, but in the production of small batch, multi species, varieties of multicolor, because there are many factors to consider, often need to frequently change roller, affect the production efficiency, to use trouble when using uniform padder is solve the edge chromatic aberration, left in the right color. Therefore, it is necessary to according to the dye to different choice of appropriate equipment, improving the condition of the equipment, dyed fabric in the dyeing process can uniform color.

Causes and Solutions of Dyeing and Finishing of Dyeing and Finishing (Two)

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